Deputy Vice-Chancellor Dieter Müller

Dieter Müller is Deputy Vice-Chancellor with responsibility for research and third-cycle courses (research programme) in Social Sciences and the Arts. His post also includes third stream activities and internationalisation within his area.

Dieter Müller.
Deputy Vice-Chancellor Dieter Müller. Photo: Malin Grönborg

Dieter Müller is professor in Human Geography.

Dieter Müller's research concerns tourism, regional development and mobility.

He is also project leader for a number of research projects and chair of International Geographical Union's Commission on Tourism, Leisure and Global Change. Dieter Müller is also board member of the International Polar Tourism Research Network (IPTRN) and Nordic Society for Tousism and Hospitality Research (NORTHORS).

Furthermore, he is board member of Arctic Research Centre at Umeå University (ARCUM) and was appointed the Young Researcher Award from Umeå University in 2009.

Dieter Müller was Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences from 2011–2016.




Year sorteringsordning


Saavedra, Laura
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Mikami, Koji
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A dibasic amino acid pair conserved in the activation loop directs plasma membrane localization and is necessary for activity of plant type I/II Phosphatidylinositol Phosphate Kinase
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Christensen, Anna
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Higher plant calreticulins have acquired specialized functions in arabidopsis
PLoS ONE, 5(6): e11342-



Saavedra, Laura
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Christensen, Anna
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Functional characterization of Arabidopsis calreticulin1a: a key alleviator of endoplasmic reticulum stress.
Plant and Cell Physiology, 49(6): 912-24



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